Posted by: Sourav | February 3, 2012

A simple quiz program using Javascript


quesans=[[‘How many paisa in one rupee?’,100],[‘How many megabyte in one gigabyte?’,1000],[‘How many gigabytes in one terabyte?’,1000]];
var score=0;
for(var i=0;i<quesans.length;i++)
 var j=1;var k=0;
 var ques=(quesans[i]);
 var question=ques[k];
 var ans=(ques[j]);
 var answer=prompt(question,” “);
  var b=i+1;
  alert(“correct answer”);
  alert(“Your score is “+ score +”out of “+b);

  alert(“wrong answer”);
  var b=i+1;
  alert(“Your score is “+ score +” out of “+b);


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